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Who are you giving your $5 for?

Cancer impacts everyone in one way or another. We’re not just another cancer charity trying to raise awareness. We’re driving right to the heart of the matter. We’re not looking to treat this disease. We’re on a mission to eradicate it.

Who are you giving your $5 for? Write their name on your hand and share the image on social media. #5ForTheFight. 100% of every dollar donated will go directly to supporting groundbreaking cancer research.

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We’re inviting everyone, everywhere to give $5 to fight against cancer.

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Dr. Joshua Schiffman

Elephants Don’t Get Cancer, Why Should You?

The only way to truly defeat cancer is supporting innovative cancer research. Dr. Joshua Schiffman has centered much of his research on the fact that elephants don’t get cancer and what that means for us. Researchers like Dr. Schiffman are on the cutting edge. He, and the women and men like him, need more funding to help them defeat cancer. And we need more talented people to follow their footsteps in fighting this disease. Every dollar goes toward transformative cancer research that will impact millions of lives every year.

Qualtrics Provo, Utah

Who is your $5 for? Write their name on your hand.
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In 2002, Scott Smith was diagnosed with cancer. His son Ryan moved home to be with his dad. To spend time together, the two of them began working on a tech project. That small project grew into Qualtrics, a multi-billion dollar tech company that serves more than 8,000 enterprise clients in over 90 countries. Today, Ryan is still serving as CEO and Scott is thankfully cancer free.

But long before Qualtrics was successful, Ryan and Scott decided that if their basement startup ever turned into anything, they would focus their philanthropic efforts on funding cancer research in an effort to eradicate this horrible disease. That’s why they launched 5 For The Fight. And that’s why they’re inviting all of us to join them in this cause.